What are the Major Benefits of Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal is a common procedure to save your tooth from abscesses, infection, and ultimately extractions. It involves cleaning the pulp of infected material and filling it back up with dental material. A root canal Totowa can save you from problems, such as toothaches caused by sensitivity or other infections.

You are probably thinking why root canals are so important. What is the need for one?

The answer is simple. In most cases when there is an infection or abscess, the bone that surrounds the tooth is broken, causing the tooth to become loose. When the root of the infected tooth becomes loose, it can lead to loss of teeth and even death. However, a root canal can save you from losing your teeth and endangering your health by curing bad bacteria in your infected tooth pulp.

Let us now see the major benefits of root canal treatment.

  • Improved appearance

The appearance of the tooth is extremely important. A treatment like a root canal can drastically improve the way your teeth appear. Due to the new and polished look of your teeth after a root canal treatment, people will find you more attractive and want to converse with you.

  • Reduced pain

Root canal treatment significantly reduces toothache. When you have an infected tooth root, you might suffer from tooth pain because of the sensitivity of the nerve. However, a root canal treatment can cure this problem and save you from a lot of pain.

  • Reduced risk for further decay

A root canal can help you avoid further complications. The infection in your tooth can cause the surrounding bone to become infected, causing further problems with cavities and tooth decay. However, a root canal treatment can cure this problem by reducing the risk of further infection in the cavity and protecting your tooth from further potential dangers.

  • Saves natural tooth

Without a root canal, the tooth will have to be extracted. This can affect your bite, cause problems with your jaw joint, and lead to the loss of more teeth. However, a root canal treatment will save you from these problems by saving the natural tooth for a long time.

  • Restores function

After root canal treatment, the tooth will regain its original shape and function.  Due to this, you can chew food easily and your smile will be more attractive than ever before.

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