Anxiety Is Not Just ‘Being Scared’

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health struggles for people. According to the reports, 32.3% of people in the US showed symptoms of anxiety. The massive numbers show how many people battle anxiety on a daily basis. 

While mental health advocates and activists are trying to educate people about what exactly houston anxiety looks like, many still mistake it for just being scared. Therefore, before you give yourself a tag of ‘anxious,’ it is vital to understand the difference. 

Anxiety and being scared are two different feelings. 

Anxiety and fear can go hand in hand. Both give a feeling of being scared, but the reactions to them are different. Anxiety is a reaction to emotion, whereas fear is a response to environmental dangers. Anxiety results from emotional dangers, whereas fear is from physical or situational dangers that one might find. 

However, both can merge and show up, making things challenging for the person. Fear can result from anxiety, and anxiety can result from fear. 

For instance, if you are walking on a road in the dark with no one around, you will automatically start feeling scared, and you will experience your heart beating too fast. This is known as anxiety, where nothing has actually happened, but the thoughts of something happening are giving you fear, which develops into anxious thoughts. 

How do I know if it is just my fear or if I am struggling with anxiety?

Anxiety and fear are interrelated, and differentiating between the two can be challenging sometimes. Feeling anxious normally or occasionally is quite normal since many people go through it on a daily basis. However, when your anxiety starts intervening in your day-to-day lives, it is time for you to speak to a professional. 

Finding help! 

Many people work on their anxiety through self-help. Indulging in meditation and mindfulness practice can help in easing your anxiety. Physical exercises, talking, walking, time in nature, picking a hobby, etc. can also help in improving things. However, some people might experience extreme anxiety, which needs professional intervention. 

You can talk to a therapist who can understand what you are going through and guide you better. In the initial stage, you will be recommended psychotherapy. In case that does not work for you, you will be prescribed medications that will assist in improving your symptoms. 

A blend of medications and talking therapy can work best for people experiencing anxiety, but you should speak to a professional before making any conclusion. 

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