Things You Must Always Discuss with Your Gynecologist 

Every female needs to have a gynecologist on her side during her lifetime for advice on pregnancy, birth control and any problem related to the reproductive system. The doctor checks the condition of the female and suggests the best treatment options. If you are planning a kid or have any related query, you can opt for East Village gynecology and get the guidance on time. Besides that, there are several instances when you should see a gynecologist such as pain during sex, menstrual irregularities or vaginal problems. Let’s discuss when you should see a gynecologist.

Pain during the menstrual cycle

It has been observed that pain is common during periods. However, if it occurs severely every month along with heavy bleeding, you should get in touch with a gynecologist. The doctor can perform an ultrasound or scan to check whether there is a development of cysts or fibroids. Depending on the analysis, he or she can suggest the best treatment option.

Vaginal odor 

One of the major concerns is the odor of vaginal discharge. If you believe that your vagina smells bad and the discharge has changed its color, it is time to see your gynecologist. It may be a clear sign of vaginal infections or bacterial growth. 

Discomfort during sex

It is suggested to change the position if you experience pain during sex. However, if the pain is persistent even after changing the position, you must get in touch with the gynecologist. It can be a matter of concern if you have more than one sexual partner. Due to sexually transmitted diseases ( STDs), you may experience such pain and discomfort. It needs medical attention on an urgent basis. 

No sexual drive

A female’s body undergoes several changes during her lifetime, which also include hormonal changes. If you feel that you don’t have the urge to have sex for months, you should see a gynecologist. She can suggest ways to increase her libido naturally. If it does not work, she will analyze the exact cause of her low libido and treat the condition.

Birth control 

If you don’t want to have kids for a few years, you can plan it properly. To do so in an effective manner, you should get in touch with your gynecologist. Depending on your medical condition, she will suggest the most appropriate option. 

It is always a good idea to stay in touch with your gynecologist if you want to keep health issues to a minimum. 

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