Are Joint Injections Effective In Pain Management?

Joint pain can be excruciating and interfere with your daily activities. This can negatively impact your quality of sleep and overall well-being. Currently, joint injections are popular since they provide relief from painful symptoms. 

One Life Chiropractic team is highly experienced to provide a holistic approach through injections to ease discomfort and prevent further problems. 

Introduction to joint injections

Joint injections are noninvasive procedures that apply a solution of anesthetic and anti-inflammatory drugs directly into the damaged joint tissue. Though not a permanent solution, joint injections can provide long-term relief that can last for several months. 

Joint injections can enhance your quality of life by improving musculoskeletal functioning in the joints which are areas of your body that connect two bones. 

Merits of joint injections

Joint injections can offer the following benefits:

  • Painless and noninvasive 
  • Reduces the swelling in your joints 
  • Minimizes the joint pain
  • Improves the range of motion
  • Enhances the mobility of your joint 
  • Reduces joint stiffness
  • Minimizes redness, warmth, and bruising 
  • Save you from addictive pain medications and invasive procedures 
  • Provide immediate relief

Being an ideal candidate for joint injections

Your eligibility for joint injections is determined by your chiropractor specialist based on your medical history, the severity of your symptoms, lifestyle habits, activity level, and the desired results.

You will be advised to undergo a physical examination, and certain diagnostic tests like blood analysis, X-rays, or other imaging procedures to determine the type of injections that are best for you. 

Types of joint injections

There are several types of joint injections available, including:

  • Trigger point injections
    • These pain-reducing injections target tense, tight muscle fibers. 
  • PRP injections
    • Platelet-rich plasma injections are produced by extracting platelets from your own blood. 
    • Your blood sample is taken and spun in a centrifugal machine to extract the plasma rich in platelets.
    • This stimulates collagen production and accelerates healing and cell regeneration.
  • Wharton’s jelly stem cells injections
    • These stem cells are sourced from umbilical cord tissues obtained from a donor. 
    • These cells can optimize tissue healing.
  • Hyaluronic acid injections
    • These injections provide lubrication to the joints to ease friction and reduce pain allowing the damaged joints to heal. 
  • Corticosteroid injections 
    • These reduce joint inflammation, swelling, pain, and stiffness. 

Other effective pain treatments

When joint injections fail to provide relief, there are several other effective pain management options, such as:

  • Deep tissue laser therapy
  • Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy
  • Graston technique
  • Manual manipulation
  • Knee and spinal decompression 


Joint injections are advanced solutions to pain that could be distressing. However, with the advent of such innovative therapies, you can dramatically improve your quality of life.

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