Tips to Improve Your Dental Hygiene Health

Your dental hygiene affects not only your mouth but also your overall health. If you don’t care for your mouth and teeth, you might develop a condition like gum disease, which can lead to loss of teeth. You can seek the services of your experienced Ardsley General Dentist for evaluation and treatment of any dental issues.

Brush your teeth after every meal

Brushing your teeth will eliminate food remains from your teeth and gums. Use a gentle toothbrush and brush in up and down movements using firm and gentle strokes. Although most people brush their teeth twice daily, you can brush yours after every meal to keep bacteria at bay.

Choose your toothbrush carefully and change it often

Choose a toothbrush that has soft bristles. Hard-bristled toothbrushes can damage your gums and enamel. Electronic toothbrushes are also a good alternative. Change your toothbrush after every three months to avoid bacteria growth.

Clean your tongue

When you clean your mouth, you are not only removing food remains but also bad breath. Usually, bad breath occurs if you don’t clean your teeth and tongue well. Ensure you use firm strokes to clean your tongue to avoid bad breath. Use lots of water to rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth.

Floss daily

To avoid gum disease, incorporate flossing into your daily dental hygiene routine. Regular flossing is important to remove any food particles that a toothbrush cannot reach. Flossing will remove the food particles, which, if left in your mouth, can lead to plaque buildup.

Use a mouthwash

Mouthwash will provide benefits such as killing bacteria in your mouth, reducing tooth decay, and fighting gum disease. You can use mouthwash immediately after brushing your teeth and flossing your teeth. When you go shopping, look for a mouthwash with antibacterial properties.

Decrease sugar intake

Sugary foods and drinks will increase harmful bacteria in your mouth and lead to cavities. Bacteria form in your mouth due to the acidic nature of the foods you consume. To lower your risk of getting tooth decay, minimize your sugar intake.

Eat nutritious food

The food that you eat not only affects your overall health but your dental health as well. Avoid grinding your teeth on sugary or salty foods but opt for crunchy raw foods like apples or carrots. These foods will help you exercise your jaws while cleaning your teeth and offering you essential nutrients and vitamins.

Make time for dental check-ups

As you carry out all the above activities, remember to schedule and attend dental check-ups. Please don’t be shy to communicate your dental concerns to your doctor, no matter how trivial they seem to you. Through regular visits to your dentist, you will be able to keep a healthy mouth.

Preventative care for your dental health is important because your dentist can catch an infection in its infant stage. You can visit Ardsley Dental Spa for a comprehensive check-up if you have any dental issues. You will experience qualified and friendly staff who will help you attain optimal oral health. Call or book your appointment online today.

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