Top Five Misconceptions About The Hormone Replacement Therapy

As you grow old, you start noticing changes in your body. In old age, you will not have more energy for activities as you used to have when you were younger. Also, you will experience mood changes and often feel more upset about the simple things happening around you. One of the triggers of the changes in your old age is hormonal imbalance. Some of your body tissues will lose sensitivity in monitoring hormonal changes. Therefore, when you observe the adverse aging signs in your body, it is good to undergo hormone replacement therapy Plano. Here are the misconceptions revolving around hormone replacement therapy(HRT)

This therapy is only for women

The extensive use of HRT among women in their menopausal stage has led to the misconception that this therapy only applies to women. The reality is that even men can use HRT to address the hormonal imbalances that usually occur at old age. This therapy has effectively treated issues such as low libido from low testosterone.

HRT is only effective in addressing severe symptoms.

Many claim that the procedures to replace hormones should only be used for individuals with severe symptoms of hormone malfunctioning. You may think that night sweats and hot flashes are normal experiences until they negatively impact your quality of life. However, if you observe such hormonal imbalance symptoms, you should seek the HRT early.

HRT will cause cancer

Some people fear undergoing this treatment procedure claiming that it triggers cancers which is true to some extent. When your body receives more hormones than it requires, you may be at risk of getting cancerous growth. However, hormone replacement therapy cannot ignite cancerous growth, especially when the specialists perform this procedure correctly.

Only one form of HRT exists

Individuals who do not know what to expect during the HRT appointment believe that the care providers only administer this therapy in one way. The HRT, however, exists in different forms, and the application method ranges from oral to topical. Some forms of HRT are best administered alone, while others require blending to achieve the best results in balancing the hormones in patients’ bodies.

Calcium provides the same benefit as the HRT

One of the causes of loss of bone density is low estrogen. You may think that taking calcium tablets can help reverse low estrogen, which is wrong, especially when you are too old. Only teens have an opportunity to minimize the risk of getting osteoporosis through the intake of calcium supplements. However, HRT can help to restore the density of your bones by boosting the levels of estrogen.

Aging is an inevitable experience with adverse body changes such as hormonal imbalances. These changes can limit individuals’ overall wellness making them susceptible to feeling weary and depressed. I have great news for you if you are going through those changes in your body. Christopher Riegel, MD, and his team of experienced specialists at The Riegel Center provide personalized treatment to patients with hormonal imbalances. Schedule an appointment and visit their office today to mark the end of your suffering.

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