Why Bone Grafting is Necessary For Dental Implants

Losing teeth can be devastating significantly since the condition compromises the integrity of your smile. Patients with lost teeth seek treatment for their lost teeth to restore a seamless dental formula. Although dental implants are potential solution physicians recommend to patients with tooth loss, this treatment is not the ideal approach for some patients. Moreover, some patients need a complimentary best Monterey, CA oral surgery and bone grafting to increase jaw volume and ensure adequate support to the implant.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that dentists insert in a patient’s jaw to replace the missing tooth. However, these dental implants require another artificial tooth to cover them and thus promote dental aesthetics.

Another crucial component that determines the longevity of your dental implants is the integrity of the underlying jaw. Patients undergoing dental implants require enough jaw tissue to support the inserted dental implant. However, some patients need bone grafts to add volume to the jaw.

What are bone grafts?

Patients with lost teeth should seek emergency dental care to prevent the subsequent bone loss that may occur due to delayed treatment. Fortunately, patients with degenerative jaw bone can benefit from a binge grafting procedure to restore volume and thus, support a dental implant. Bone grafts are transplanted bone tissue on the jaw to replace and regenerate lost bone.

What does bone grafting involve?

The traditional bone grafting procedure involved harvesting bone from a different part of the patient’s body. However, advancements in medicine have developed techniques for sourcing bone tissue from cadavers or animals. These alternative sources are beneficial because they eliminate the need for an additional surgical site.

Bone grafting may include plasma-rich therapy for accelerated healing. Your dentist will give the transplanted bone some time, usually months, to heal and regenerate before scheduling tour dental implant procedure.

What to expect during a dental implant procedure

Your doctor will only schedule a dental implant procedure upon evaluating your teeth and determining your candidacy for the procedure. Dentists also check the state of the jaw to ensure healing, especially in patients who have undergone bone grafting. The method involves screwing a titanium metal post into a patient’s jaw bone. Although getting dental implants is straightforward, patients should seek treatment from dental specialists who understand the proper implementation techniques for improved outcomes and minimized risk of complications.

What happens after a dentist inserts a dental implant?

Your dentist will allow you to go home after inserting your dental implant. The treatment area will take several months to heal before you attend a follow-up visit. Patients with dental implants need an abutment. These tools are extensions of the implants posted into the jaw.

Afterward, your doctor will allow your mouth to heal before taking impressions of your bite. These impressions are crucial to creating artificial teeth that sit on the implant. Contact Perio & Implant Centers of Monterey Bay – Silicon Valley if you have questions about home grafting and dental implants and determine if this treatment plan is ideal for restoring your smile after tooth loss.

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