The Essence of Forensic Services

Many organizations require their employees to undergo background checks and federal fingerprinting. These activities are necessary for mitigating crime and kickstarting investigations. Robbinsdale forensics involves the use of specialized equipment and techniques to collect, preserve and analyze physical, digital, and other evidence necessary to maintain the integrity of your work environment. Forensic services are essential for providing accurate and reliable information to resolve complex legal, financial, and other disputes.

  • Autopsies

Autopsies, also known as post-mortem examinations or necropsies, are medical procedures performed that specialists perform on the deceased to determine the cause and manner of death. Autopsies play a crucial role in criminal investigations, as they can provide valuable information that helps to shed light on the events leading up to your employee’s death. The procedure thoroughly examines the deceased’s internal and external anatomy, including the organs, tissues, and bones. The team may take samples of various materials, such as fluids, tissues, and organs, for further testing in a laboratory.

The results of a forensic autopsy can help you establish the cause of death and the next step to take. This information can also provide important evidence for criminal investigations, including identifying potential suspects, determining the time and place of death, and reconstructing the events leading up to the death.

  • Federal fingerprinting

Many states require the federal fingerprints of employees. Law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and other federal agencies, use these fingerprints to help solve crimes, verify the identity of suspects, and assist in the criminal investigation process. During your appointment, the TCS Health specialist meticulously collects your fingerprints on a special paper and signs the paperwork you need to submit to your employer. This service is an essential tool in forensics and plays an important role in preserving the criminal justice system’s integrity.

  • Background checks

Background checks as a forensics service involve thoroughly investigating and analyzing your personal, professional, and criminal history. TCS Health uses advanced technology and investigative methods to gather information from different sources such as public records, criminal databases, credit reports, and social media. A background check provides a comprehensive picture of your past, allowing your employer or landlord to make informed decisions about your character and suitability for a particular position or role.

Why your business needs forensic services

Your business needs forensic services for various reasons, including financial investigations, data breaches, cybercrime, internal fraud, and compliance issues. These services can help you uncover evidence of illegal or unethical activities, determine the extent of financial losses, and support legal proceedings. Forensic services can help you identify and mitigate risks, maintain regulatory compliance, and ensure that your financial and business practices are sound and trustworthy. By having access to forensic services, companies can proactively protect themselves against potential problems and mitigate the negative impact of any incidents that may occur. These services are crucial for your business to maintain its reputation and financial stability, as well as to prevent legal and financial liability.

To learn more about forensic services, call the TCS Health office or use the online scheduling button to create an appointment.

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