Restore Your Youthfulness With Micro-needling

Most people think plastic surgery is the only treatment for minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This idea prevents most from re exploring their youthful side. Fortunately, Danny Harrison, MD, offers a rejuvenating skin treatment, micro-needling, that enhances your skin’s appearance and restores youthfulness.

Understanding micro-needling

Micro-needling is a cosmetic technique that certified dermatologists use to stimulate collagen production. This treatment is minimally invasive and addresses numerous beauty concerns, such as signs of aging. Your doctor pricks your skin with tiny sterilized needles, creating minor wounds that trigger elastic and collagen production, creating a youthful and attractive appearance.

Sometimes medical experts refer to micro-needling collagen induction therapy. The specialists at Sky Vein Aesthetics utilize a cutting-edge device known as SkinPen to perform the treatment. The SkinPen is FDA approved and guarantees excellent results after your treatment. Dr. Harrison applies microneedling to address acne scars, large pores, skin pigmentation, lines and wrinkles, and crepey skin.

How a micro-needling procedure works

During your appointment at Sky Vein Aesthetics, Dr. Harrison performs a thorough physical exam and discusses your beauty goals before formulating a treatment plan. He may show you pictures of what your skin will look like after the procedure and the risks involved. Before beginning the procedure, your provider applies a numbing cream to the treatment site to prevent discomfort.

The team then creates microtears into your skin using the SkinPen. These tears promote collagen production and stimulate cell regeneration, addressing skin imperfections. The procedure usually lasts for about 30 minutes without downtime. However, you may have mild side effects, including swelling and redness at the treatment site. Your doctor may prescribe some medications to relieve the side effects. Dr. Harrison uses Celluma LED light therapy to complete your micro-needling treatment to minimize inflammation and speed up recovery.

Factors to consider when preparing for treatment

During your appointment, your doctor may review your medical history and enquire if you are currently taking any medications. If you are, skipping medications such as Accutane and ibuprofen may be necessary for a few days to prevent exacerbating your side effects. Your doctor may also recommend staying away from agents that increase skin sensitivity. You may need to avoid exfoliants and retinoids a few days before your micro-needling procedure.

What the recovery process involves                                                                                   

Micro-needling is minimally invasive and has a shorter recovery period than plastic surgery. Immediately after your treatment, you may experience mild irritation and inflammation at the treatment site. The side effects are a response to the wounds the SkinPen creates on your skin during treatment.

The specialists recommend allowing your skin to heal before applying makeup to prevent aggravating it. But you can use camouflaging makeup a few days after treatment until the redness dissipates and sunscreen to shield your extra sensitive skin from the harsh sun rays. You should start enjoying a dramatic improvement in your skin tone and texture a few days later. The results get better with time as your body produces more collagen.

To explore the benefits of micro-needling, call Dr. Harrison or book your spot online.

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