The Benefits of Using HealthTap for Doctors

HealthTap is a nationwide virtual primary care provider that makes quality primary care affordable for all Americans, regardless of insurance status. Customers pay $15 a month for the Prime plan which includes video appointments, texting with doctors and urgent care visits.

The service provides access to 90,000 volunteer doctors who answer members’ questions. It also features an AI-driven symptom checker to assist consumers in finding the right doctor for their needs.

1. Access to a large network of doctors

Telehealth services provide convenient and affordable access to quality medical advice without the need for patients to travel or pay out-of-pocket for a visit. With these options, patients don’t need to sacrifice convenience or affordability when seeking medical help when needed.

HealthTap provides 24/7 access to an expansive network of doctors across 147 specialties. Plus, its AI-powered symptom checker gives users insight into whether or not they should see a doctor.

HealthTap is a digital healthcare company dedicated to helping people stay healthy by offering convenient access to high-quality medical advice. It has been built upon an established platform validated at scale by top healthcare providers.

2. Access to a large database of questions

HealthTap provides its members with millions of medical questions and answers created by physicians who donate their time to help others by answering queries and reviewing content on the site.

These doctors have been chosen for their expertise and experience. By joining the virtual care movement, they are now able to answer questions from patients around the globe.

Doctors in the network possess a superior clinical background and strive for patient satisfaction. Their skills span across various general health concerns, such as chronic illnesses and injuries.

3. Access to a large database of prescriptions

HealthTap provides access to an expansive library of prescriptions dispensed by licensed physicians, all without needing users to make an appointment. This database can be accessed 24/7.

HealthTap doctors can write prescriptions that are sent to a pharmacy near the user’s home or office. Unfortunately, they do not provide prescriptions for narcotics or controlled substances, psychiatric illness, drugs that are restricted in their state, or lifestyle medications such as erectile dysfunction medications and weight loss pills.

This service is ideal for patients who require rapid answers to medical questions and concerns, as well as employers and insurers looking to reduce unnecessary visits and hospitalizations. With 24/7 access, this platform guarantees quality healthcare whenever you need it most.

4. Access to a large database of lab results

HealthTap not only boasts an expansive network of doctors, but it also allows members to order prescriptions and get lab tests. If needed, members can even make referrals to specialist services.

HealthTap does have an edge over its competitors by offering this feature, though it is not a necessity for all telehealth platforms.

HealthTap’s physician network is carefully selected, with physicians required to be licensed in the USA with an active NPI number and willing to treat patients of all ages in an urgent care setting at no cost. This deal offers consumers great value by saving them money on healthcare bills while still getting access to top medical advice in town. With HealthTap, consumers can access quality healthcare at a budget-friendly price point!

5. Access to a large database of referrals

HealthTap’s platform boasts an expansive network of doctors to address queries on a range of healthcare topics. These range from general medical conditions and dietary concerns, to more common healthcare troubles.

Doctors on HealthTap also provide referrals to other healthcare professionals. This could include specialists who offer more specialized care for your condition.

If you’re dealing with a medical issue such as shooting pain in your elbow, HealthTap’s virtual consultations can help ease your fears and get you on the path to recovery.


Membership to the service costs $15 per month, and a free account provides access to an automated symptom checker and personalized answers to anonymous questions. Furthermore, the company provides lists of healthcare tips from doctors.

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