Top Five Factors To Consider When Choosing The Obstetrician Right For You

Pregnancy is an inevitable stage in the reproduction cycle of human beings that ushers in the responsibility to women, especially to new moms. In most cases, during pregnancy, women develop health complications that can cause emotional distress. Some health complications during pregnancy can cause miscarriages before the twentieth week of this period. Therefore, if you are pregnant, you should seek women’s care from Dr. Wanda Torres to maintain your wellness and that of the baby. Before choosing the obstetrician, you need to consider the following factors.


Individuals should never compromise their comfort on matters concerning their health. When revealing personal details, you may be more comfortable with one gender than the other. If you are not embarrassed when disclosing your reproductive health to women, you should choose a female care provider. However, when you wish to seek emergency services from an obstetrician, you should not pay much attention to their gender.

Obstetrician credentials

The certification of the obstetrician is another crucial thing you need to consider before going for their services. Notably, the board certification outlines the specialist’s skills and training in providing obstetric care. Also, research the history of the obstetrician services and confirm whether they have had any malpractice claims. It would be best if you kept on checking the state websites and other web pages to know the certification and disciplinary history of the health provider.

Get the referrals

What do other people say about the services of the obstetricians that you intend to choose? Look for recommendations about obstetrician services from friends and relatives to know the quality of their services. Also, you can visit the online platforms of the specialists to see the patients’ comments concerning obstetrician care. Once you observe the high rating of their services, it becomes clear that you will be in good hands.

Check your insurance

Before choosing a specific obstetrician, it is good to consider your insurance coverage. To save your pocket, you should choose the obstetrician whose services are within your insurance plan. Also, you should select the providers within the hospital network to receive health services at low prices. Choosing obstetricians who are out of network can cause additional expenses, especially when your baby needs special care, such as intensive care for premature babies.

Your existing health complications

You could have other health conditions requiring treatments from experienced specialists, not just general obstetricians. For instance, you should seek special care alongside obstetrician services if you have conditions such as endometriosis. Therefore you should choose the care provider who has successfully treated many women with those similar conditions.

The complications arising from pregnancy are inevitable, although they are controllable. Therefore, if you are out there undergoing anxiety due to fear of miscarriage and other pregnancy complications, you should not worry. Wanda Torres, MD, FACOG, and a team of experienced obstetricians at Suncoast Women’s Care offer passionate care to pregnant women of all ages to enhance successful delivery. Book an appointment and visit the facility today to receive quality services.

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