Remedies for Dry Eyes

Your eyes might feel dry if you have low quantity and quality tears; tears are crucial for proper eye function. Although you might overlook the dry eyes, they will cause discomfort and affect your vision. A Hell’s Kitchen dry eye optician will help you determine the signs of dry eyes and offer the right remedies. Dry eyes lead to redness, watery or dry eyes, blurred vision, irritated or scratchy eyes, and light sensitivity. The dry eyes might result from allergic reactions to pollen, dust, medications, and prolonged computer use. Knowing the cause of the dry eyes will help find the right remedy, especially if the remedy is a treatable health condition or removable environmental factor; here are remedies for dry eyes.

Eye Drops

Eye drops might treat eyes prone to allergic reactions to dust, pollen, light, and medications. Some act as lubricants for the eyes and alleviate the dry eyes; dry eyes might occur due to insufficient tears. Thus the eye drops act as a lubricant that protects the eyes, which don’t produce sufficient tears. Moreover, the preservatives in the eye drops might stop harmful bacteria affecting eye health. If the eye drops lead to further dryness, it might indicate a reaction to the preservatives, and it would be better to discontinue using the eye drops.

Limit the Screen Time

Overexposure to the blue light from your devices will affect the eyes, and it is wise to limit the screen time. Using the screen for an extended time reduces the number of blinks within a minute; you should blink at least five times in a minute. If you cannot do away with the screens, you may look away from the screen every twenty minutes as it helps the eyes rest. Moreover, you can blink intentionally to activate the tear ducts reducing dry eyes.

Use a Warm Compress

A warm compress on the eyes will treat dry eye symptoms; the heat soothes irritations and reduces inflammation around the eyes. The warm compress might stimulate Meibomian glands, which leads to more tear production. Additionally, it calms down the eye nerves reducing eye strain.


You can massage the eye sides gently; a little pampering and attention will alleviate the eye problems. The massage might improve the blood flow, relax the muscles and calm the nerves. You should not touch the eyes directly as massaging the muscles around the eye affects eye sensation and improves tear production. The massage should not be painful, and you may conduct an optician before working on the muscles and nerves around the eyes.

Better Sleep

Better sleep is important for overall health and will alleviate the dry eyes symptoms as it is the only time the eyes stay shut for an extended period. Thus sleep provides protection and rest and may reduce dry eyes, which result from immune disorders. Sleep regulates inflammation and may reduce allergy symptoms.

Dry eyes result from eye strain, allergic reaction, and prolonged use of screens. You should find remedies like better sleep, massaging the eyes, using eye drops, and reducing screen time to alleviate dry eyes.

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