Myths Revolving Around The Root Canal Treatment

Have you ever experienced sensitivity in your teeth when you take cold or hot liquid? If your answer is yes, I am sure you can attest that the situation is alarming. The extreme sensitivity in your teeth is an indicator of a specific infection in the root of your teeth that can be detrimental in the long run. Notably, this infection can increase the risk of losing your teeth, thus limiting you from enjoying your favorite meal. Therefore, you should contact Dr. Steven Kaplan New York to receive root treatment for your tooth before it is too late. Let us go through the following debunked myths to understand root canal treatment.

Root canal treatments are painful

The mention of root canal therapy compels many people to think this procedure is painful. However, the reality is that root canal treatments do not cause pain in your teeth. The pain you usually feel during these procedures sparks from the infected teeth receiving the treatment. Most endodontists use the anesthetic during the procedure to suppress pain from the infected teeth and the surrounding, making this procedure comfortable.

Extracting the infected teeth is better

The infection in the roots of your teeth can cause extreme pain that can lower your comfort and productivity in the workplace. You may have tried different mechanisms from drug stores to combat pain without bearing fruits. All these efforts can make you give up on your teeth and be willing to lose them at all costs. However, it would be best if you understood that pulling out your teeth without any replacement plan can affect your bite. Therefore, you should opt for the root canal treatment, which helps to save your natural teeth.

All treatment procedures are complex

Some people believe that root canal treatment involves complexity and often takes a long time. However, the length of these procedures depends on the extent of infection in the root of your teeth. Your endodontist can complete the root canal treatment in one visit when you have mild infections in your teeth. However, you may have to schedule other appointments with the specialist when you have severe infection and inflammation.

You only need a root canal when you have pain in the teeth

You do not have to wait until your teeth are aching to undergo root canal therapy. Sometimes, the infection in the center of your teeth may not be painful, and this should not make you feel like you are not a good candidate for the root canal. If your teeth have an infection, you need root canal therapy even if it is not aching.

Root canal therapy involves the removal of the tooth roots

Some people are afraid of undergoing a root canal, claiming that the specialists will remove the tooth’s roots. However, root canal therapy aims to maintain your natural tooth’s wellness without removing its structure. During the procedure, endodontics usually clean the canals and ensure that your tooth is in good condition.

A significant proportion of the population is experiencing toothaches resulting from swelling and infections in the inner parts of their teeth. If you are a victim, do not wait until you lose your natural teeth since Compassionate Endodontists New York/NYC has a remedy for you. Dr. Steven and a team of experienced endodontists use modern technology to address diverse dental issues for patients. Book a consultation and visit their office to receive quality services.

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