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Board certified orthodontist is valuable and trusted today everywhere, including Gaiduchik. Personal skills to handle the patients and treat them holds the same importance as the certification. Gaiduchik Orthodontics are famous because their qualification and excellence in work is at par.

Along with holding the knowledge they believe in imparting. Through this blog we will delve into the expert guidance on why and when one needs to see an orthodontist. Read along and make your decision without avoiding dental issues further.

Teeth Alignment 

Crooked teeth and multiple alignment often disturb the confidence of youth and even kids these days. Having an expert orthodontist who not only treats it with less pain but also gives the required advice is an ideal requirement. While having an appointment with your orthodontist, understand how to maintain the good routine after having the teeth alignment treatment.


There are four type of bite issues:

Overbite: It is often referred to as buck teeth; a scenario where the upper front teeth stick out over the lower teeth even when the mouth is closed.

Underbite: It is opposite to overbite and often referred to as bull dog. This happens when the lower teeth are resting in front of your upper teeth while the jaw is resting.

Open Bite: The spaces between your rows of your teeth while you close your mouth is referred to as an open bite.

Cross Bite: This type is genetic in 90% cases. A scenario where a narrow upper jaw causes teeth alignment with the lower.

Malocclusion is very common these days among adults but the treatment is rare. At Gaiduchik, a separate treatment procedure and routine is followed for long-term results. Bite problem impacts the face shape, gives severe headaches and impacts clenching.


It refers to Temporomandibular disorder, where an immediate appointment is highly recommended by the orthodontist. For the ones who don’t know about this disorder keep a note on symptoms- If you are having a pain in the jaw and difficulty in moving to eat and talk.


There are other crucial and commonly faced cases by the Gaiduchik experts. Some being about getting the traditional braces, clear aligners, self ligating braces and teeth whitening. The orthodontist expert at Gaiduchik highly suggests avoiding any delay in cases of disorders like TMD. Rest other cases like teeth whitening, aligners are on-demand requirements which can be treated as and when required.

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