5 Signs You Need to See Your Vein Evaluation Specialist

Do you deal with unexplainable leg pain or leg circulation problems? Well, Weston vein evaluations can help you get to the bottom of your worries. The vein evaluations will help to diagnose your condition and offer the mode of treatment that will be most beneficial to you.  

Who is at risk of vein problems?

People with a family history of vein problems run a higher risk of dealing with vascular issues. Other groups include pregnant women, people who are obese, and those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. It is also important to understand that women have more venous problems than men due to hormonal changes.

The signs and symptoms that indicate you should see a specialist

Any signs and symptoms that are not normal should encourage you to go for a check-up. While you can experience leg pain due to an injury, sometimes the pain comes about without reason. The following five symptoms will help you decide when to see a vein specialist.

1. Pain and swelling in one leg

Vein problems tend to cause pain and swelling in one leg. Although strenuous activities that require a lot of strength can cause leg pain, sometimes you can experience it without a probable cause. When you see swelling caused by fluid retention on the legs, it is a good time to call your physician.

2. Persistent leg pain

While other conditions like arthritis or muscle strains can cause leg pain, it is important to see a specialist if you don’t know the cause. The tests that the physicians carry out will help in determining the cause of the pain.

3. Noticeable discolored veins

Blue, red, or purple veins might appear under the skin, altering your legs’ appearance. Referred to as varicose or spider veins, these veins indicate a problem with your vascular system. The varicose veins can either be large or small. The large ones cause a burning sensation and dryness and make the affected person uncomfortable.

4. Legs feel heavy regularly

If your work requires you to be on your feet for long hours and your legs always feel heavy at the end of the day, you should get your veins checked out. Most people can work for long hours on their feet and not complain of regular heaviness. The heaviness might indicate a blockage in your veins.

5. Presence of sores on legs that don’t heal

Even though people with diabetes experience this symptom, sometimes the sores do not heal due to a circulatory problem. The only way to rule out other conditions is to visit a vein specialist to conduct a test and determine the cause.


The treatment that you will receive will depend on your condition. The treatment can vary from how you run your daily activities to non-surgical procedures. The treatments include:

  • Lifestyle changes
  • Minimally invasive procedures

If you experience leg pain, swelling on the legs, spider veins, or even restless legs, it might be time to get an assessment of your vascular health. Soffer Health Institute in Weston, Florida, can help you identify your condition and offer treatment that is most suited for you. Call or book an appointment today and bid venous problems goodbye.

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