Here’s Everything You Should Know About Chin Augmentation

While many individuals battle with their facial balance, there is actually a pretty simple procedure that can give them the facial equilibrium they never imagined possible. Chin augmentation is a popular cosmetic surgery operation for enhancing the jaw line and bringing the patient’s face into aesthetic harmony. A chin augmentation operation can make the neck appear thinner by removing jowls and the false appearance of flab around the jaw, making it a standard procedure for both women and men in New York City. If you are considering getting a chin implant, New York chin augmentation cosmetic surgeon Dr. Norman Pastorek can help you achieve a greater chin definition and a more balanced profile. Read to learn more.

Who Seems To Be A Potential Chin Implant Candidate?

Women and men who are displeased with the projection, shape, or size of their chin can have a chin augmentation. Similarly, chin implant may be appropriate for almost everyone who is in generally good condition, as well as those with the following concerns:

  •         Depressed or small chin area
  •         Disproportionate facial structure
  •         Enormous nose
  •         Malformed chin
  •         Fleshy neck

Additionally, you may be a suitable candidate for a chin implant if you have previously had non-surgical chin augmentation using injectable fillers and are satisfied with your overall appearance but want a more permanent option. Finally, your jaw must be in proper working order to be considered for this operation.

Chin implant surgery is typically done as an outpatient treatment, which implies you’ll be able to go home the same day. Nonetheless, the operation can be coupled with other cosmetic treatments, such as reshaping, facelift, fillers, nose, and more. While your procedure will be lengthier if combined with other treatments, you can accomplish the desired enhancements in one surgery.

What To Expect With The Chin Implant Surgery Procedure?

Chin implants are made from a number of materials, and your doctor can customize them to get the ideal definition, shape, size, and projection. The cosmetic practitioner will work with you to decide the overall shape and dimensions of your implant, as well as the aesthetic that will best complement your natural characteristics, depending on your existing tissue and bone.

To place your implant, you will need to make one of two different forms of incisions. If you choose a solid silicone implant, an incision is created beneath the chin. The majority of other biocompatible materials can be introduced through a tiny incision inside the mouth, near the junction of the bottom jaw and lip.

All wounds are hardly noticeable, thanks to the modern surgical procedures performed by the surgeon Norman J. Pastorek, MD, PC, FACS. The implant is put in a well-fitting pocket beneath the skin, where it may be anchored to the bone in your chin to maintain it in place and limit movement. Finally, your incision will be stitched up. Most patients report experiencing a quick and painless procedure, less than an hour on average.

What To Anticipate With Recovery?

The surgeon will provide you with information on how to care for your incisions while you recover from surgery. To make you more relaxed, he will also recommend an antibiotic and an oral pain reliever. Pain killers are normally only required for a few days after chin implants because recovery is usually quick.

You will most likely be able to continue mild physical activities the day after your surgery. However, it is recommended that you rest and recuperate on that day. The skin under your chin may feel tense at first because of the increased volume, but your body will rapidly acclimate. Generally, you can take one week off work, but you will soon be able to enjoy your new, increased chin and more appealing facial appearance.

 A weak chin can make your face appear disproportional and might cause anxieties about your facial structure. Fortunately, chin implant surgery can significantly improve your profile while balancing your other characteristics, such as your face structure, and accentuating your most appealing features. To learn more about chin augmentation and if this procedure is appropriate for you, call the office near you or use the online booking tool to arrange an appointment today.

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