Four Fascinating Facts About Lower Back Pain

Do you experience persistent back pain or discomfort? That may occur due to different reasons. People have struggled with the pain, but most will not seek treatment and always use their own ways to calm it. However, the pain will recur since the problem might be more serious than one may deem. Injuries, disc herniation, nerve damage, sprain, and arthritis may be some of the factors causing your back pain. These conditions require a chiropractic Westfield specialist to diagnose and treat the underlying problem causing your back pain. The team at Eric Whitehouse, D.C., has experience treating an array of problems leading to pain, ensuring you are back to your everyday life. Here are some facts about lower back pain you must know.

Lower Back Pain May Be Scary but Not Dangerous

Most people fear when they experience persistent back pain since it becomes distressing and disabling. They think that it can make them end up in a wheelchair. However, this is not the case since back pain is not life-threatening. You can manage your pain using medications, although that may be a temporary solution that is less effective. Since it is not a major injury causing the pain, it might not be as dangerous as one may think.

Age Does Not Lead to Lower Back Pain

People think that as you get old, you will experience back pains. Some argue that as you grow old, your bones weaken, putting you at risk of developing back pains. However, this is untrue since you can remain strong based on your lifestyle and fitness. Also, you can get treatment for your back pain at any age, which may help correct your back problem. Age is, therefore, not a threatening factor regarding your lower back pain.

A Scan May Not Be a Specific Diagnostic Mechanism

Lower back pain occurs due to different reasons and causes. If your pain is due to a disc bulge or prolapse, a scan may help identify the problem easily and the exact location. However, if your pain is due to other invisible reasons, it may be hard for a scan to identify the exact cause. For instance, a muscle ache may be hard to identify, or a nerve problem requires other diagnostic methods to help address the problem.

Exercise And Movement Do Not Cause Harm

The lower back pain may be severe such that one may think they are doing more harm to the back if they exercise or make movements. However, the pain may occur while moving or exercising due to the sensitivity of the spine and not that there is more harm. When you become more active, the pain settles down, and you feel better. Exercising is one of the recommendations that help address your lower back pain.

Any form of pain is unpleasant, and no one wishes to experience it. People will react to pain in different ways, and that is what determines their visit to a specialist. Lower back pain may limit you from many activities, making you seek medical attention to address your problem. Eric Whitehouse, D.C. specialists will diagnose your problem and identify the specific cause of pain. They will then formulate a treatment schedule that suits your needs. You can begin by planning an online consultation or calling their office today.

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