A Day in Paris: 5 Places to Visit

Paris is one of the most beautiful, timeless, revered places in France, let alone the world, and finding the best places to visit in Paris can be a difficult task. Some visit Paris with the desire of living out their Midnight in Paris fantasy of wandering streets and simply taking in the culture and environment, while others want to visit every museum, some want to see art, others want to enjoy the best wines and absorb the history. Whatever your Paris dream may be, here are five excellent places to add to your Paris itinerary that will give you memories to take with you. Simply drop off your bags at a luggage storage in Paris, and get to exploring!

1. Le Tour Eiffel

Alright, let’s just get this one out of the way from the beginning. The Eiffel Tower (or Tour Eiffel) is one of the most famous landmarks in the world. Built in 1889 for the World’s Fair, this structure has continuously avoided demolition throughout its lifetime and has become one of the world’s most recognizable architectural icons. You will likely see this structure through your window as you fly into Paris, and can catch a glimpse of it from around the city. For many, it is a bucket list item, so make your way to Le Tour Eiffel on your trip, take an elevator to the top and gaze out over the beautiful city of Paris.

2. Musée du Louvre

If you are trying to decide what to do with only one day in Paris, the Louvre should be at the top of your list. This museum is considered to be one of the greatest art museums in the world, housing over 30,000 works of art from across the world, and across time. The Louvre boasts works of Leonardi da Vinci, Eugene Delacroix, and Théodore Géricault within its walls, in addition to ancient Egyptian artifacts, remnants of the Napoleonic era, and its own historic history that will leave you lost in history. If you are an art appreciator, a history buff, or just looking to see one of the world’s greatest museums, the Louvre should be a no-brainer visit while in Paris.

3. Cathedrale de Notre Dame

The Notre Dame Cathedral is at least as famous as the Eiffel Tour, and has a history even more dense. This cathedral’s construction began in the 10th century (yes, that’s 900 AD), and is a beautiful remnant of Parisian history. This beautiful cathedral sits beside the river Seine, and is an architectural wonder. With literature references within works such as The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and seen in films such as Midnight in Paris, this landmark is a must-see during your Parisian visit.

4. Paris

Okay, okay, you’re looking for places to see in Paris, but frankly, one of the best things you can see in Paris is Paris! This beautiful city is a merger between the new and old, containing remnants of the Romantic and Renaissance eras, as well as containing Gothic and Victorian era architecture. Following the French Revolution, many Parisian streets were reconstructed, and following WWII, a number of Paris was rebuilt as well. While these occurred amidst tragic historical events, the Parisian resolve manufactured one of the most historically broad and beautiful cities in the world. craftymagazines Owen Wilson’s character in Midnight in Paris had it right. Simply wandering the streets of Paris, engaging with local shop owners, tasting wines, eating food, and watching life happen around you may surprise you as one of the best parts of a visit to the city of love.

5. Jardin des Tuileries

Are you looking to experience a piece of Parisian royalty during your visit? Then don’t leave Paris without visiting the Garden des Tuileries. This public garden was built in 1564 AD, and was originally used exclusively for royalty. In the 1800s, the garden became public, and holds a beautiful space, and a memory of Parisian history. Spend time wandering the gardens, learning about the history of French royalty, and even visiting the adjacent Musée de L’Orangerie. Time in this garden, or truly any of Paris’s gardens is time used well.

Plan Wisely

The key to enjoying your time in Paris—however limited—is to plan wisely. If you want to wander the streets and live spontaneously, excellent, but ensure that you plan to do so. If you are looking to visit any museums (the Louvre, the Musée de L’Orangerie) or landmarks (Le Tour Eiffel, Notre Dame), you will want to ensure that you make any necessary reservations, prepare for any entry wait times, and have the budget to do so. This way you can ensure you get full enjoyment of your time in bestnewshunt Paris, rather than trying to get into the places on your itinerary. Paris is a beautiful city, so spend your time fully taking in the art, the history, and the culture of this famous city.

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