When Do You Require Emergency Dentistry Services?

Perhaps you were hit in the face, and your tooth has become loose or has possibly fallen out. Or maybe you are suffering from terrible tooth pain and unsure how you will get through the day. Dental emergencies can arise at any time. You may be unsure if you should go to a hospital or a dentist if you have a dental emergency. In reality, the answer varies. Bellevue emergency dentistry, like other medical emergencies, needs varying degrees of care based on severity. The type of emergency determines the treatment location for a dental emergency.

Overview of emergency dentistry

Emergency dentistry is precisely what it sounds like: immediate dental care in situations where failure to act might result in catastrophic health implications. It is critical to understand when aches and pains suggest a potentially dangerous condition, just as in general healthcare. While the general population is aware of when this is the case in general health, the same is rarely true in oral health.

Typical Dental emergencies

Bleeding might be concerning since it is a symptom of gum disease, often known as gingivitis. This can occur during flossing, and you may detect a stench. Aching or swollen gums are other warning symptoms. Early treatment of gum disease is critical because, if left untreated, restoring your teeth to their healthy form can be challenging. Dental emergencies include cracked or shattered teeth. Your dentist can suggest the ideal treatment option based on the location and severity of the crack. In such cases, emergency dentistry attempts to save your tooth. As a result, if you fracture or break a tooth, you should visit a dentist every once.

Another indication you might want emergency dentistry services is a popping jaw. A popping or locking jaw can create uncomfortable chewing and grinding or clicking sounds when the jaw is open. It restricts your jaw movement, and the best treatment is to see your dentist immediately. This aids in the resolution of the problem while preventing further complications.

Emergency dentistry vs. the ER

You should see your dentist if you have a dental emergency within regular business hours. You can go to the ER if an emergency happens outside typical work hours. Also, you can contact your dentist for guidance if you are unsure where to go. After determining if you have a dental emergency and whether you should go to your dentist or the ER, you should go through your dental plan. It assists you in comprehending your emergency dental coverage. Furthermore, you will learn how much the plan covers for dental emergencies. Conversely, contacting your dentist can help you care for your teeth and avoid significant dental issues.

The first step in dealing with a dental emergency is to contact your dentist. They might be able to see you, particularly during regular work hours. If it is beyond normal business hours, you can go to the ER or an urgent care clinic. In addition to notifying your dentist, there are a few steps you may take if you have a damaged or knocked-out tooth. Put your tooth in milk and compress the socket with a teabag, cotton ball, or gauze to conserve and preserve it. If you have a broken tooth, clean your mouth and keep the pieces if feasible. Call EZ Dental Clinic to schedule your consultation today to learn more about emergency dentistry.

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