Telehealth Benefits You Should Know About

Telehealth is a great way to get medical care, especially if you are unable or unwilling to visit a doctor in person. It entails the use of modern technology to provide remote medical services. Dr. Marcelo Brito will use a secure video connection over the internet to determine your condition and provide medical advice.

What happens when you book a telehealth appointment?

You will be connected with a medical expert and discuss your condition over the internet. You can even send pictures or videos of your condition to help the doctor diagnose it accurately. Depending on your situation, the doctor may prescribe medication, order tests, and provide therapy or treatment recommendations.

Here is a breakdown of the services to expect:

  • Consultation: You can get guidance on managing your condition, receiving medical advice, and diagnosing any symptoms.
  • Prescription: If needed, you can get a prescription for medication electronically.
  • Lab tests: The doctor can order diagnostic tests and review the results online.
  • Follow-up care: The doctor may schedule follow-up care to monitor your progress.
  • Therapy services: A doctor may recommend therapy or lifestyle changes as a part of your treatment.

Here are some of the benefits that come with telehealth:


With telehealth, receiving quality healthcare services is much more convenient since you don’t have to leave your home or workplace. You need an internet connection and a device, like a smartphone or a laptop. It is an added advantage for people with disabilities, who may find it difficult to travel to a doctor’s office.

Access to Specialists

Telehealth can give you access to specialist doctors unavailable in your local area. A primary care doctor can easily schedule a virtual visit with a specialist, and you can ask them questions about your condition without traveling far away.

Quicker diagnosis

With telehealth, you can easily connect with a doctor from anywhere and get real-time health advice without waiting for days. The immediacy of getting an answer can help you start treatment quicker.


Telehealth eliminates the need for long drives and waiting in the clinic or hospital. This means you can save time and use it for other important tasks.

Improved doctor-patient communication

Virtual visits allow patients to ask questions directly to the doctor and get answers in real-time. This helps build better doctor-patient relationships, as the patient can easily understand their condition and quickly receive advice from a specialist.

Some of the medical experts you can have access to include:

  • General Practitioners: These doctors specialize in treating general medical problems. They can provide primary care and refer you to specialists if necessary.
  • Specialists: You can find a range of specialists like cardiologists, psychiatrists, and ophthalmologists. These doctors have specialized knowledge of certain medical conditions and can provide treatment accordingly.
  • Nurses are medical professionals who provide nursing care and can help with medication management, wound dressing, and health monitoring.
  • Therapists: You can receive mental health advice and therapy from counselors or psychologists over the internet.

If you are looking for convenient, quick, and accessible healthcare services, telehealth may be the right solution for you. Connect with Lakepointe Direct Primary Care to get started on your virtual visit.

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