Social Marketing: Everything You Need To Know To Change Your Business

Since we are living in the digital era, having a social media presence has become very important these days, especially for businesses. People often turn to social media platforms to learn about, discover, shop, and follow different products/services and brands. Developing a social marketing strategy is essential for any business that wants to expand its audience reach and boost growth. By carrying out effective marketing on social media platforms, businesses will be able to drive better sales and leads and also create loyal brand advocates in the process. It has been found that more than 70 percent of users who have a positive social media experience with a brand are more likely to recommend it in their networks. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about building an effective social media marketing strategy so that you can change your business and add to your bottom line. We will also explore how an influencer marketplace like Ainfluencer and other social marketing tools can come to your aid in the process. Let’s get straight to it.

Your Guide to Social Media Marketing

The most important aspect of social media marketing is an effective strategy. Without a good social marketing strategy, you would only end up posting on social media for the sake of it. If you want to achieve the required results, it is important to think about your target audience, what they want, and what goals you wish to achieve through your social marketing campaigns. 

Essentials of a Good Social Marketing Strategy 

Social marketing strategies are different for every business, however, there are some common elements that contribute to an effective marketing plan. Here are the essential things you need to determine for building a good social marketing strategy –

  • Identity of your brand: Think about the message you wish to convey through your brand and how you want the audience to feel when they view your content on social media.
  • Audience: Get more information about your target audiences, like the social media platforms they visit most frequently and the brands they follow. Besides this, you would also need to see the type of content they like to view. A behavioral analytics software like WatchThemLive can help you in this process.
  • Content Strategy: You need to have in place a structured strategy for posting content on social media so that the voice and tone of your brand remain consistent.
  • Analytics tools: With analytics tools, you will be able to get quantifiable insights about your audience reach, the best times to post content, and the best content to share.
  • Posting schedule: All the activities on social media platforms take place in real-time, so you need to have a content schedule in place. If you want to grow your business and increase audience engagement, you would need to post consistently, keep up with the market trends and engage back with the audience.
  • Different approach: If you want to market your brand, you cannot rely purely on pitching your business to the audience. You need to employ an inbound approach and think of ways you can provide value to people through your content.

How to create a social marketing plan?

To build an effective social marketing plan, you need to put the essentials of marketing strategy into action. A good social marketing plan will help you carry out your marketing strategy effectively. Here is how you can provide structure to your social marketing strategy –

  1. Choose the right platforms: The first thing you need to do is choose the social media platforms where you want to employ the marketing strategies. Think about your target audience and the platforms most popular in your industry. If you are just starting out, you can start with one platform and then build up once you get the hang of the process.
  2. Set objectives: Determine your business goals and objectives so that you can create a clear roadmap for the same. Initially, your focus should be on setting up your profiles, determining a posting schedule, and doing competitive analysis. Once you get the hang of things, you can set clear objectives like publishing X type of content per month or increasing your following by X percent.
  3. Adjust strategy by using analytics: Analytics tools can be used to gain more insights into audience demographics and engagement levels. Use these insights to see what is working and what is not and adjust accordingly.

Tips for Social Media Marketing 

  1.  Provide your audience diversity in terms of the kind of content you post. Think about the content they would find interesting, like quick tips, How-To posts, insights, contests, polls, industry news, etc. Also use a mix of videos, images, live streams, etc.
  2.  Consistency is key in social media marketing. Besides keeping up with the posting schedule, you also need to be consistent with the voice and tone of your brand, as it forms the core of your business’ identity.
  3.  Posting will only get you so far if you do not participate. Try to engage back with your audience, whether it is replying to their comments and shares, or running polls and live streams. Think about ways you can spark discussions with your audience.
  4. The best way to expand your reach on social media platforms is through advertising. You can consider advertising through Instagram ads and Facebook ads to get the audience interested in your business.
  5. Supplementing your strategy with analytics tools will help you determine what is working for your brand and what you can do to enhance your growth. A visitor tracking software/tool can help you understand your audience better, while an influencer marketing platform can help you design an effective marketing influencer campaign.


Developing an effective social marketing strategy is not an easy task, however, the information and tips in this article will provide you with the right direction to start. By employing the right techniques, you will certainly be able to achieve your business goals.

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