How to Prepare For Your Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is a debatable alternative medicine technique that employs ozone gas to combat sickness. You are recommended to discuss the best strategy to prepare for your treatment with your healthcare practitioner. They may perform West Palm Beach ozone therapy treatment on you by taking blood from your body, mixing it with ozone gas, and then refilling it. If ozone therapy is delivered with your blood, prepare for the blood draw by obtaining plenty of sleep the night before and consuming a nutritious meal that day. Also, make sure to drink plenty of water.

An overview of ozone

Ozone is a gas comprising three oxygen atoms (O3), closely linked to oxygen (O2). Unlike oxygen, ozone is exceedingly unstable due to the additional oxygen atom’s need to break off and mix with other molecules, a process known as oxidation. The ozone layer is an atmospheric layer of ozone gas that shields humanity from damaging UV radiation. Furthermore, ground-level ozone is generated by a chemical reaction caused by pollution and is hazardous to one’s health. While ozone is detrimental to the lungs, scientists have discovered that purified, medical-grade ozone gas may be used in various helpful ways.

What occurs during therapy?

There are several methods for receiving ozone treatment. Your healthcare professional will go through your treatment choices with you. Ozone administration is used in three different ways:

  1.     Straight to the tissue: If you receive ozone therapy for an extremity ailment or wound, the ozone gas will be delivered directly to the damaged body part’s tissue. The gas is given under a protective covering.
  2.     Intravenously: To treat internal illnesses such as HIV, ozone gas is often dissolved in blood drawn from you. The blood containing the liquefied gas is pumped back into you via an IV. Intravenous usage can potentially cause an embolism due to the development of air bubbles.
  3.     Intramuscularly: Ozone treatment can also be administered intramuscularly. Before issuing this injection, the ozone gas is frequently combined with oxygen.

Side effects of ozone therapy

Ozone treatment is not commonly utilized at the moment, and there are dangers. Ozone gas is unstable due to its odd number of atoms. Because of its volatility, it might be unexpected. When employing ozone treatment, healthcare practitioners will proceed with considerable caution. Ozone must be utilized at the exact amount and location and should not be inhaled. There are significant risks when using ozone intravenously, at large dosages, or for an extended period. Discuss the potential dangers with your healthcare practitioner and consider them against the potential benefits. You should also examine different therapy choices with your healthcare professional to help identify the optimal treatment strategy for your illness.

Ozone treatment is a form of alternative medicine that employs the use of ozone gas. However, it is divisive due to worries about its efficacy and safety. Researchers are currently investigating ozone treatment’s effects on the human body to uncover potential therapeutic advantages. You should consult your specialist if you have any questions regarding ozone therapy or whether treatment is ideal. Call Healthy Living Visiting Physicians to schedule your consultation today to learn more about ozone therapy procedures.

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