How to Make Your Shoulder Replacement Surgery Smooth

Your shoulder is complex, and it is common to experience injuries. Your doctor can try nonsurgical options to manage your injuries and pain; sometimes, surgery is the only solution. The shoulder replacement West Orange specialists recommend shoulder replacement surgery to repair the damage to the joint when no other way can help. The treatment requires expertise, and you better ensure you get the right provider for the procedure. However, the preparation and recovery phases also contribute much to the success of your surgery. There are several things you should expect to get a better outcome. Have a look.

Pain Management

It is normal to experience post-surgery pain. How you manage the pain is critical in ensuring smooth recovery. Understand that pain will decrease as you heal. Contact your doctor if the pain is bearable and prevents you from moving on with your life. Your doctor can recommend painkillers which you must take exactly as instructed. Also, you better work with your physical therapist to understand the exercises and movements that can promote healing and reduce pain. Please do not attempt physical activity without consultation to avoid hurting your shoulder or complicating healing.

Help and Assistance

Shoulder replacement surgery is a major procedure that will leave you sling for several weeks. You might not be able to complete some tasks by yourself and need someone to help you. It is essential to make proper arrangements before surgery and look for a family member or a close friend to help you during your first days of recovery. Remember that you might not use your hand for a while, and you might need help cooking, cleaning, and completing other basic chores.

Handling Sleeping Difficulties

Sleeping complications could have started way before our surgery. It will continue after surgery but not for too long. It would help if you adopted proper habits to sleep well during your recovery without compromising your shoulder. Ensure you find a well-supported sleeping position and discuss it with your therapist. Also, ensure you develop a regular sleep pattern to improve sleep quality. Remember that sleep is critical during recovery.

Physical Therapy

Your body and shoulder need to keep moving during recovery to improve mobility and function. Rest is important but can cause dysfunction of your shoulder after healing. Therefore, you must keep your shoulder mobile throughout the recovery. Ensure you consult your physical therapist to ensure you get the right activities. Do not engage in any activities that make your pain worse. Work with your physical therapist to maintain range of motion and improve your shoulder’s function and strength. The physical activity ensures a safe recovery.

Items You Might Need

You might need to buy some items before going for the surgery which you will use in your recovery. You might want to get a detachable showerhead if you need to keep your incisions dry for several days. You can also consider getting a shower chair to minimize your risks of falls when showering. Additionally, you can purchase athletic tape, waterproof bandages, or plastic bags to preserve your incisions dry until your doctor advises otherwise.

Shoulder pain might only be managed through surgery. Get in touch with the Orange Orthopaedic Associates today to learn if a shoulder replacement is suitable for you. Remember that consultation is critical in understanding what you can expect for adequate preparations.

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