Crucial Things that everyone should know regarding fever

Almost everyone has suffered from fever at one time. In most cases, this fever goes away on its own. However, there are instances the fever can be serious, requiring medical attention. After the outbreak of Covid-19, most patients had fever symptoms, which stigmatized all people with fever who had Covid-19. For instance, the Ham Lake fever led to the rise of Covid-19 stigmatization. The following are the crucial things that every individual should understand regarding fever.

Types of fever

The following are the most common types of fever.

  •         Low-grade fever. In this instance, the temperature of the body is at 100.4F.
  •         Moderate fever. The temperature of the patient is between 102.2 and 104F
  •         High-grade fever. In this instance, the patient’s temperature is between 104 and 106 F.
  •         Hyperpyrexia. The individual’s temperature rises above 106 F

How long should fever last?

The normal; fever is supposed to end within 3 days. However, there are abnormal cases where the fever can exceed 14 days. The fever is acute if it does not exceed 7 days. It is referred to as sub-acute if it lasts between 7 and 14 days. However, if it exceeds 14 days, it is referred to as chronic or persistent.

Causes of fever

The following are the factors that can cause fever;

  •         Dehydration
  •         Withdrawal from alcohol
  •         Viral Infection
  •         Heart Exhaustion
  •         Cancerous tumor
  •         Some immunizations such as tetanus.

When should a person go to a specialist?

If you are experiencing these conditions, you should visit a doctor.

  •         If you are have been having a severe headache
  •         If you are suffering from persistent vomiting
  •         If you are suffering from mental confusion or altered speech
  •         If you are experiencing abdominal pain.
  •         If you have extreme sensitivity to bright light.
  •         If you are vomiting regularly

Diagnosis of fever

These are the common tests that the doctor may carry.

  •         Imaging test
  •         Blood test
  •         Urine test

Natural Ways to Treat Fever

These are the methods you can apply to boost your recovery.

  •         Staying hydrated by drinking liquids such as water, soup, or juice.
  •         Having enough rest.
  •         Eating a soft diet makes the digestion process easier.
  •         Have a sponge bath.

Why did most people mistake fever for Covid-19?

After the outbreak of Covid-19, most people mistake it for fever. These were the main reasons which triggered this confusion.

  •         Both of them shared similar symptoms, such as headache and vomiting.
  •         For both infections, it can take time before the person starts showing symptoms.
  •         Both infections are transmittable from one person to another.

Similar ways that can prevent the spread of fever and Covid-19

These are the ways that an individual can use to control both fever and Covid-19;

  •         Coughing or sneezing in a tissue
  •         Masking your face
  •         Washing your hands regularly with soap
  •         Avoid close contact with the people with whom you suspect are ill
  •         Regular cleaning or disinfection of the services

After experiencing fever, most people neglect the condition since the condition will go away on its own. However, after the outbreak of Covid-19, most of the people who neglected the condition suffered from Covid-19 complications. GatherWell COVID Testing has been set up to correct this condition. It has a team of specialists who will test and tell you about your condition. Visit the facility today to prevent future complications.

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