Common Myths about Concussions Debunked

You should be worried about sustaining a concussion if you participate in contact sports activities such as soccer or rugby. The increased likelihood is due to the high chances of injuries resulting from falls or collisions. Today, Falls Church concussion continues to be a common problem affecting some athletes. As a result, the concussion topic is debated by most people, where some things they talk about are facts while others are myths. The following are the common myths regarding concussions.

Wearing a Helmet Prevent Concussion

Wearing a helmet during sports activities is necessary. For example, the increased collision cases in soccer and rugby indicate that having a helmet during these games can greatly help. However, there is no specific helmet that can secure you from concussion. Usually, helmets are responsible for preventing high skull injuries, but they cannot avoid contact between the brain and inside your head.

Concussions Have Similar Symptoms

In most cases, several concussions have similar signs and symptoms, including confusion and headache. Nevertheless, there are no two concussions that are the same. Several symptoms of the injury seem to be connected to concussion, such as dizziness, irritability, emotional changes, vomiting, and trouble sleeping.

You Should Not Fall Asleep With a Concussion

One of the common fears of falling asleep after experiencing a head injury is that you can slip into a coma. Nevertheless, sleeping after a head injury helps your brain to recover, particularly in the first 24-48 hours. If you notice worrying signs such as severe nausea, surged confusion, and slurred speech, try as much as possible to stay awake.

You Can Return To Normal Activities after Feeling Ok after a Few Minutes

In most cases, concussion signs and symptoms can take some time before they start showing up. Sometimes they can take even a few days before they show up. If you sustain a concussion during a game, taking a few days off is essential to ensure no symptoms can occur. You should also contact your doctor for extensive examination and treatment.

Before Concussion, You Must Lose Consciousness

Earlier, many people thought losing consciousness was an undeniable sign of concussion. Several athlete specialists used this sign to assert you had a concussion and if you were good to continue with the play. However, a concussion can occur without losing consciousness in 90% of instances. You should consider other signs, such as headaches, memory problems, and dizziness.

You Should Rest In a Dark Room

People have debated the link between head injuries and rest in several instances. However, resting in a dark room to recover from a concussion is false. The best treatment for the injury is to involve yourself in gradual and progressive activity. Resting in a dark room for 24-48 hours can be ideal, but an extended stay in this isolated room can cause difficulty returning to normal life.

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