Betting on Asian Handicaps: A Guide and Some Advice

Asian handicap, also referred to as AH, is a form of betting where one team has the advantage over the other. AH favors the underdog team while removing the gamblers’ draw option. Around the world, this is the most popular soccer betting style. You will learn everything you need to know about Asian Handicap betting from this article.

How Does Asian Handicap Work and What Does It Mean?

The possibility of a tie in a game is eliminated by the Asian Handicap. A bettor’s chances of winning are increased if they select the right odds. One team is given the advantage in AH since this type of gambling involves providing or taking one of the competitors’ advantages. 

This makes betting interesting even in contests with obvious winners. AH is a simple system to utilize. Both teams have an equal probability of winning thanks to the bookmaker’s handicap or line. Therefore, it is up to the bettor to use the correct Asian Handicap strategy, which is described below.

The History of Asian Disability

Asian Handicap was invented in Indonesia and has gained popularity among gamblers. Where this betting strategy first appeared is indicated by the name Asian Handicap. It’s a type of spread betting where there is no possibility of a draw. 

Giving something that benefits one team greater weight boosts that team’s likelihood of winning. In handicap betting, there are only two types of handicaps. The stronger team benefits from one of these handicaps, while the weaker team benefits from the other. The stronger team is given the minus symbol, while the weaker team is given the plus symbol.

Asian betting eliminates the draw

It’s simple to gamble on Asian Handicaps. It is easy to predict which team will win before the game starts based on their past results and other signs. In this situation, handicap betting is used. 

By giving the stronger team a one-goal deficit, this method of betting accounts for the disparity between the two teams. The two teams can compete fairly because the weaker team gets a plus-one goal. In Asian Handicap, there is no such thing as a draw; you either win or lose.

Asian Handicap Lines of Various Types Half of the handicap lines are explained (0.5 / 1.5)

Asian Handicap betting enables players to wager on half lines in addition to full lines. Half lines are distinct from full lines since their value starts with a.5. +/-0.5, 1.5, 2.5, and so forth are half lines. Half lines cover half of the potential outcomes. 

If you wager on the +0.5-half line, the team you choose will lead the game by 0.5 goals at the outset. This means that you are eligible to win regardless of whether your team succeeds or not. You will lose the wager if the team loses. Similar to +1.5, one team starts with a 1.5-goal edge if you bet on it. You lose if your team suffers a loss of more than two goals.

Lines for quarter handicaps (0.25/0.75)

Quarter lines are distinct from full and half lines. Following their values are.25 or.75. Because the wager can be covered for a variety of outcomes, quarter lines offer the advantage of boosting the odds. 

You will receive a 0.25 goal advantage or disadvantage depending on the game and the odds. If you wager 0.25, you will win if your selected team triumphs. If your team loses, you forfeit the bet; however, if the score is tied, you receive a partial refund.

Asian Alternative Handicap Markets In contrast to Asian Handicap

Asian Handicaps and other draw-no-bet wagers let you take out the draw. Conversely, draw no bet wagers vary little from Asian Handicaps. Baseball and hockey are two-way sports that offer moneylines. Picking the winning team is all you have to do during the draw no bet wagering. 

You will get your entire bet refunded if the contest is a tie. Asian handicap wagers, on the other hand, do away with the possibility of a tie by giving the underdog points. Therefore, it is unlikely that both teams will have the same final score.

Asian vs. European disadvantage

Traditional European handicap betting is well-known to many gamblers. By leveraging advantage or disadvantage, this kind of betting aims to balance the winning chances of two opponents. 

The skills of the two teams should be different. Asian handicap betting and European handicap betting are primarily distinguished by the latter’s availability of a second option. 

Asian handicap betting has only two possible results: winning or losing. Win, loss, or draw are the three outcomes that can occur in European handicap betting. Because it is easier to understand, many gamblers favor European handicap betting as a result.

Calculate your Asian Handicap and get a table of all possible AH results

It is strongly advised that you utilize a calculator if you are new to Asian Handicap markets. Calculators for Asian Handicaps let you predict the possible results of the game. The calculator also displays the potential reward from a certain wager. On the other hand, an AH table shows the different handicaps, potential outcomes, and the result of the wager. The results of each Asian Handicaps match as well as the overall Asian Handicaps goals are shown in these tables. The possible wager outcomes include winning, winning partially, pushing, losing, and losing completely. Use the calculator and table below to see the various results.

Which AH Strategies Should Be Taken Into Consideration?

Before you start placing bets on Asian Handicap, you should be familiar with a few basic ideas. Because AH betting may be confusing to newbies, you should grasp it before you enter the market. 

This type of wagering requires figuring out the different handicaps and when they are applied to the game. You must benefit from this, especially when one team is given a sizable disadvantage. 

Matches with good odds must also be found. Only by comparing the offerings of other bookmakers can you accomplish this. The performance and scoring history of the competing team must also be looked into.

Asian handicap betting’s benefits

When compared to normal betting, one of the main advantages of Asian Handicap betting is that your odds are improved. Any bettor’s goal is to place bets and come out ahead financially. The odds are often set in your favor rather than the bookmakers’ favor when using the Asian Handicap betting technique. This increases your chances of winning and gives you the chance to win money when you wager.

Another advantage of AH betting is that you can wager at even money on a team that is the underdog, which is not possible with standard betting. Giving underdog teams a competitive advantage over the other teams enables this. 

Finally, the availability of a wide range of bet types and lines is another reason why gamblers favor Asian Handicap betting. By using a straightforward strategy, a typical bettor can make money betting on Asian Handicaps.

Sports that are Best for Asian Handicap Betting

One of the most well-liked and straightforward sports to wager on with Asian Handicap is football. One of the main reasons gamblers like football and place Asian Handicap bets is the chance of a draw. 

The certainty of never missing a live football game inspires bettors. Although they don’t happen often, draws are possible in other sports like rugby and cricket. Basketball and netball are two sports with large point totals that make great candidates for Asian Handicap wagering.

Weighing the likelihood of winning, losing, or drawing

For the player, everything is made simpler by the Asian Handicap system. The bookmaker wants to create a line or handicap that gives any of the teams winning chances that are close to 50%. 

In most cases, the payments are roughly equal and the probabilities are close to 50:50. Asian handicaps build up from quarter goals to full goals. The system gives one team an edge or a disadvantage before the play starts. In this way, they balance the probabilities of winning and losing.

Betting on handicaps in real time

The good news is that you may partake in live Asian Handicap betting, which is a favorite of many bettors. Similar to pre-match Asian Handicap betting, the expected strong team receives negative points during live events. The team had to have surpassed these points by the end of the game. 

The main difference between in-play and pre-match AH is that you can place bets on the outcome of the game. Throughout the competition, the score is reset to 0-0 whenever a team scores a goal. It should be remembered that while betting on live events, the handicap is taken into account as the game advances.

Consider the Crucial Elements

Regardless of your level of experience, you must carefully consider several factors before placing an AH wager. The following are some of the most important things to look for:

  • Make sure you place your bets with a reputable and reliable bookmaker.
  • Always compare the odds offered by various bookmakers before placing your bet.
  • Look at the results of the competing teams, their scoring histories, and any other relevant data.
  • Look at all the teams who score frequently and the divisions that have few draws.
  • available betting bonuses and incentives
  • Compare all of the odds to find the best Asian handicap odds.

You must carefully review the odds before putting your bet. The first thing to do is to compare the odds that various bookmakers are offering. It is usually advised to place your bets with reputable, licensed bookies. 

You can gain an advantage from some bookmakers by trading Asian Handicap odds. This entails that bettors can place wagers before the game even begins and receive trade-out options. Examine the betting odds that various providers have to offer.


After reading this essay, you should have some basic knowledge of Asian handicap betting. Finding the top online bookmaker with the best Asian handicap betting odds is the most important step. 

Once you’ve found a reliable bookmaker, you may make a deposit and place a bet on the team with the best chance of winning. You should use the AH calculator and the AH technique, if at all possible. You will become an adept Asian handicap bettor as a consequence.

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