7 misconceptions about breast cancer

breast cancer

It is the number 1 cancer found in women and is also the leading cause of death. But there are still many people who are mistaken about the disease. Let’s understand more about breast cancer.

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  1. Women with large breasts are more likely to develop breast cancer than women with small breasts.

“Breast size” is not directly related to your chances of developing breast cancer. A large size may be a matter of fat, not the flesh of the breast. Therefore, women with larger breast sizes do not have an increased risk of developing breast cancer.

  1. Underwear is the cause of breast cancer.

Underwear is not related to the cause of breast cancer. Many people are concerned that wearing a bra can put pressure on the breast tissue and lead to cancer. not true So if wearing a bra makes you feel pain, it doesn’t always mean you have breast cancer. But if you feel a lump, you should see a doctor to determine the exact cause.

  1. A cyst or cyst in the breast Is there a chance of developing breast cancer?

Breast cysts or cysts are not related to breast cancer. Cysts or cysts are caused by a higher-than-normal hormonal response. Thus creating water enters the pipe and becomes cysts. Sometimes breast cysts can be associated with breast pain. However, if a radiologist examines ultrasound and reveals that it is an abnormal cyst that is different from other normal cysts, further testing may be considered.

  1. Frequent mammograms will cause breast cancer

Currently, mammograms use very little radiation. In one mammogram, the radiation exposure was equivalent to approximately 7 weeks of daily radiation exposure, which was very low. However, the risk-benefit comparison was considered to be more beneficial for breast cancer screening. This makes it possible to search for breast cancer before it can be found.

  1. Silicone breast augmentation causes breast cancer.

Currently, most breast augmentation uses a silicone bag. Which has been studied for a long time to be safe, does not increase the risk of breast cancer. However, before having breast augmentation surgery You should see a specialist for breast cancer screening first.

  1. Men don’t have breast cancer.

Men are also more likely to get breast cancer. But it is much less likely than women. Male breast cancer is often associated with a family history of high risk of breast cancer. or in men who take female hormones continuously for a long time

  1. Eating soy milk, soy milk, coconut oil increase your chances of getting breast cancer

Not true, although soy milk, soy milk, and coconut oil contain some ingredients that are similar to the hormone estrogen in women. but there is no evidence advocating that these substances cause breast cancer

Therefore, women at the age of 40 should undergo the first breast cancer screening by mammography along with ultrasound. Because if we can diagnose and treat breast cancer at an early stage It increases the chances of being healed.

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