5 Mommy Makeover Top Benefits

Childbirth is exciting since you get to add a branch to your family. Nonetheless, the physical impact can make you self-conscious about your appearance. Your body can feel and look different, prompting you to consider a Roslyn Heights mommy makeover. You are on the right path since the procedure offers many benefits. Among the top benefits of a mommy makeover includes:

1. Glowing skin

Loose skin is among the top challenges facing women after childbirth, especially around the abdomen and the flanks. The makeover will tighten the loose skin, allowing you to spot a flat, smooth look. This further improves your skin’s functionality, allowing you to spot a glowing look.


2. Restore pre-pregnancy figure

Stubborn fat pockets, extra pounds, and saggy breasts can be hard to address with your routine exercise and diet regimen. With a mommy makeover, you get a chance to improve the contour and regain the pre-pregnancy figure. You address the buttocks, ensuring they are shaped appropriately, get a breast lift or augmentation to restore the shape and size you desire, and eliminate those stubborn fat pockets ruining your striking contour. This means you get to rock your favorite outfit and enjoy fashion freedom.


3. Eliminate stretch marks

Your skin is stretched beyond its usual during pregnancy. After childbirth, the skin can take time to go back to normal, hence the stretch marks. While they can go away in time, they can take forever, making you uncomfortable. You may dread a day to the beach since wearing your favorite bikini showcases the stretch marks. You can address the stretch mark with the mommy makeover and spot a firm, smoother look.


4. Sexual pleasure

After a vaginal birth, you might not like how your vagina looks or feels. This can make you self-conscious and even shy away from sexual engagement. The pleasure can also elude you due to vaginal laxity caused by the overstretched vagina tissue during childbirth. Mommy makeover helps you deal with such concerns, improving the shape and size while tightening the tissue. You will like how the vagina looks and feels. With tighter tissue, you will enjoy the sexual experience, a vital element, especially as you strive to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner.


5. Improved confidence

Postpartum depression is common in new moms and usually goes away after a few weeks. Nonetheless, it can take a toll on you and even last longer. The situation worsens if you are self-conscious since you worry about how you look and feel besides the intense emotions, including excitement, joy, fear, and anxiety.

Mommy makeover can help you regain confidence, allowing you to beat such emotional concerns. When you love how you look and feel, your self-esteem improves and extends to other faculties of your life. Restoring confidence is among the reasons more moms seek mommy makeovers, an effective strategy to help improve the quality of your life.

Mommy makeover combines several procedures in one session, making it more cost-effective and convenient as you strive to deal with pregnancy and childbirth effects on your body. Contact PLASTIC SURGERY ASSOCIATES OF LONG ISLAND to learn more about mommy makeover and schedule your treatment session.

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