3 Interventional Pain Treatments Benefits

Are you in pain? Chronic pain can turn your life inside out. It can disrupt your routine, affect your moods, and cause stress. The impacts can extend to other faculties, affecting your relationships and career. Pain can wreak havoc in your life if left untreated and managed. In recent times, the pain management field has dramatically evolved. It now offers more innovative solutions. Dr. Kevin McElroy understands there is no one-size-fits-all pain management solution and strives to offer solutions geared to stop it at the source, using interventional treatments.

Interventional pain management has taken the field by storm for good reasons. The approach does not just consider your pain. It includes a thorough diagnosis to establish the root cause. The physician considers your health history and symptoms and runs tests to determine what is causing the pain. Then, with your pain relief goals in mind, they devise the interventional pain management strategy best matching your situation. This offers many benefits, the top including:

1. Fast and lasting pain relief

Finding a pain relief option that works in your situation can be frustrating, almost as much as the pain itself. This is a concern you cut out of the equation with interventional pain management. Most interventional pain management treatments like injections can offer immediate relief. Others only take a few days, and you realize effective pain relief.

The fast and lasting relief allows you to bounce back to your routine. Corticosteroid injection, for example, can reduce pain and inflammation lasting for months or more. This is unlike narcotic pain relievers that only last a few hours. With more innovative procedures, including spinal cord stimulation, you can find interventional pain treatments that can offer results lasting for years.

2. Targeted pain relief

The interventional treatments are designed with the root cause in mind. They target a specific area. This is unlike approaches like oral pain relievers that impact your whole body. Such relievers have to go through the digestive system. They are then absorbed in the bloodstream and circulated. Such processes could cause significant health problems in the long run. Interventional pain treatments, including therapies and injections, are targeted. They only impact the set area, interrupting the pain source, not the whole body.

3. Safer pain treatment

Pain management options like the use of opioids expose you to risks, including:

  • Developing dependence
  • Overdose chances
  • Long-term health issues

Alternatives like surgery are not much safer either. The risk and complications can expose you to serious problems. Add the recovery process and period, and the treatment becomes much more demanding.

Interventional pain treatment offers a safer option. The approaches have fewer, if any, side effects. You can use the interventional treatment for years without experiencing any negative effects or other health issues. The treatments are also minimally or non-invasive. This eliminates complications and risks associated with invasive options like surgery.

Pain management is critical. This is especially considering the negative consequences of being trapped in the pain-stress cycle. With interventional pain treatments, you can use a solution tailored to your unique needs. Customized solutions are effective and can help improve the quality of life. Visit Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine today to learn more about interventional pain management options.

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