Understating various benefits of fat grafting

When most people hear of body fat, what rings into their minds is certain areas of the body that need to be reduced. However, this is not the case because fats serve essential bodily roles. For instance, fat stores excess calories in the body until when the body requires to use them. They can also be transferred or grafted from areas where they are least needed to where they are needed. Fat transfer or grafting is effective in breast augmentation or reconstruction, among other benefits like giving certain organs the shape and size you desire. Therefore, if you are interested in learning and understanding more benefits of fat grafting, East Windsor fat grafting specialists provide a solution to all your concerns. They are experienced in letting their client learn the benefits of fat grafting. Read on below to find out additional benefits of fat grafting.

What is fat grafting?

Fat grafting is a procedure that aims at improving breast contours using fat extracted from your body during your reconstruction surgery. In most cases, you qualify for a fat grafting procedure, especially after partial or complete mastectomy. Fat grafting may be recommended in addition to other procedures like flap reconstruction or breast implant. Fat grafting is also used to improve breast changes after radiation therapy when you get breast cancer.

What are the benefits of fat grafting?

They include:

  • Help get rid of fat in areas where it is not needed

The initial step during fat grafting is liposuction which involves suction and a small tube to remove fat where it is unwanted. After fat extraction, it is processed so that it can be injected into other parts of the body due to various reasons. As a result, giving your body the shape you have always desired.

  • Fills wrinkles

Wrinkles usually form when various parts of your body lose volume, making the excess skin sag. Wrinkles begin forming on your face after your cheeks start appearing sunken than before. In this case, fat transfer or grafting can help fill your lips, smooth out wrinkles, and improve other imperfections.

  • Improve the overall condition of your skin

One of the major benefits of fat graft is that it improves the general condition of the overlying area. Therefore, using fat transfer to fill wrinkles makes the skin fuller and smoother, making you glow and appear younger.

  • Allows two concerns to be fixed at once

One of the greatest benefits of fat graft is that it allows two birds to be killed with one stone. Usually, unwanted fat is removed from regions where it is not needed and transferred to areas where needed. Doing so helps reduce volume where you don’t want it and increase it in other areas of your body.

  • Reduces your risks of developing an allergic reaction

The procedure involves using fat cells extracted from your body, thus reducing the chances of you developing an allergic reaction. Even though each medical procedure has its risks, those associated with fat graft are low.

Fat graft has various benefits, including reducing risks and filling wrinkles. Therefore, if you want to remove fats from certain body parts and use them on another part, you can get started by calling Mathew J. Mathew J Lynch, MD, today for additional details.

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