Traditional Dentist Vs. Holistic Dentist in Florida – A Few Things You Must Know

Both holistic as well as traditional dentists are popular in Florida. Many people think that holistic and traditional dentists are the same. But they are not! A traditional dentist mainly focuses on gum and teeth problems. In comparison, a holistic dentist takes care of your overall health. Holistic dentists believe that there can be a connection between oral health and overall body health.

Holistic dentists use safe procedures and non-toxic materials for treating various dental conditions. Holistic dentistry is also popularly known as preventive, natural, or alternative dentistry. For Midtown East holistic dentistry, you could approach the best medical centers like Bergen Dental Wellness and NYC Dental Wellness. To maintain your oral and overall health, take their appointment online today.

Traditional Dentist Vs Holistic Dentist

Now, let’s discuss some of the differences between the traditional and holistic dentists.

Root Canal

Most traditional dentists recommend you to use fluoride toothpaste. However, holistic dentists do not encourage their patients to use fluoride. According to traditional dentists’ usage of fluoride on your teeth can prevent cavities. Holistic dentists do not agree with the same.

When you use fluoride regularly, it can get into your bloodstream and cause various health problems. Fluoride is considered to be a toxic substance by holistic dentists.


Mercury is another toxic substance commonly used for dental fillings for many years. If you look at the dental offices in Florida, many of them have stopped using Mercury for dental fillings. However, few dentists are still using Mercury, even after having many non-toxic alternatives. Mercury filling is also called silver filling in some places.

Holistic dentists do not encourage the usage of even Mercury. If you have mercury fillings installed, you must be very careful if you want to remove them. It would help if you approached a dentist with good experience removing the fillings. Many patients have reported kidney problems after getting their Mercury filling removed.

Diet Changes

Traditional dentists offer you suggestions on diet changes you need to make in your day today. A holistic dentist may offer you suggestions on diet changes. Holistic dentists recommend their patients avoid sugary foods completely. A holistic dentist in Florida examines your whole body when approaching them for your dental problems. Holistic dentistry is meant for your overall wellness.

Speak with the best holistic dentist today for your overall wellness!

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