Procedure for Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgery doctors use to diagnose and treat shoulder issues. It is among the most common orthopedic surgeries. Your doctor will recommend this treatment if your shoulder pain has not improved after non-surgical techniques. Arthroscopic shoulder surgery West Chester can be used to treat shoulder problems such as bone spurs, tendon injuries, frozen shoulder, shoulder impingement, labrum tears, and shoulder instability. It can also help remove inflamed tissue and treat torn rotator cuff and osteoarthritis. During the shoulder arthroscopy, you will go through the following processes.


You will have an appointment with your specialist a few weeks before surgery. The specialist will ask you about your health history and any medications you may be taking, and you may stop taking some drugs a few days before the surgery. Your doctor will explain all the processes you go through in your shoulder surgery. You may have to avoid certain drinks and foods. The doctor can run some tests like blood screening and chest X-ray.


Shoulder arthroscopy takes less than an hour. Your surgeon can recommend you lie on your side or stay in a semi-seated position. The surgeon administers local or general anesthesia to numb your body to help prevent pain and cleans the shoulder area with an antiseptic solution. A fluid can be injected into your shoulder to inflate your shoulder joint, allowing the surgeon to see it easily.

 Your surgeon will make a small hole the size of a buttonhole in your shoulder to allow passage of the arthroscope, which is a tiny camera. The camera projects pictures of your shoulder to a video monitor. These images will help your surgeon inspect all your shoulder tissues to identify the problem. The shoulder tissues include cartilages, tendons, bones, and ligaments.

To repair any damaged tissue, your surgeon will make other tiny cuts in your shoulder and insert other instruments through them. The surgeon fixes any muscle, tendon, or cartilage tear and removes any damaged tissue. If you have severe damage, your specialist can recommend open surgery. After the repair, the surgical team closes the incisions, and you may need stitches or small bandages with a large dressing on top.

After surgery

You will spend one hour or two in the recovery room. Since arthroscopy is an outpatient procedure, you will go home the same day. Your doctor can offer pain medications. You need to have someone to drive you home after treatment. Follow all the self-care instructions given by your healthcare provider.

Although the procedure is less invasive, recovery can take between one to six months, depending on your health status and the extent of the damage. In most cases, you need to wear a sling for the first week after surgery, but you can wear it longer if you have had a lot of repairs done. You may be given medications to control your pain. Your doctor can recommend specific physical therapies to help you regain motion and strength in your shoulder.

 Shoulder arthroscopy treats various shoulder problems, but you may not regain full strength and stability after the procedure. Schedule your appointment at Beacon Orthopedics & Sports Medicine for shoulder arthroscopy to reduce your pain. 

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