Here is What Will Happen After a Dental Implant Surgery

A beautiful smile could be the thing you need to boost your confidence and self-esteem. Although natural teeth are to last a lifetime, several factors can lead to tooth loss. But that does not mean you tolerate the gaps in your mouth; the Hillard implant dentist can help you regain a complete smile through several teeth replacement options, including dental implants. Implants will be attached to your bone, providing a more secure fit and stability. When you get implants, there are several steps you can take to complete your smile. See below for more information.

Stitches Removal

Your dentist will use stitches to close up your gums after the implant procedure. In most cases, the stitches used are designed to dissolve on their own after a few weeks. But if your doctor used in dissolving stitches, you should return to the clinic after several weeks for removal. Understand that you will have stitches after every surgery.


Your dentist will send you home after every surgery to recover before proceeding with our treatment. After the treatment, it is normal to experience some discomfort, bruising, and swelling. These symptoms should only last a few hours or days but talk to your doctor if you cannot bear the pain and it persists or worsens. You might need prescription medications or antibiotics to get pain relief. Also, you might have to stick to soft foods that do not require chewing after surgery due to the sensitivity of your teeth.

Impressions Making

Your doctor will place an abutment, and your gums will heal within about a week or two. You will return to the clinic after your gums heal for your doctor to make impressions of your teeth and create your artificial teeth. This helps the teeth fit correctly into your mouth and be as attractive as your natural teeth. The mound used will be a mouthpiece but with a molding material. You will bite down the device for a few minutes as the compound hardens in the form of your teeth and gums.

Crown Placement

Once the impressions are taken, your gums are wholly healed, and your bone is firm, you will return to the clinic for artificial teeth fixing. You can get removable crowns that you can take out and clean or have the artificial teeth permanently anchored to the implant. Talk to your doctor about your specific goals to help deliver what you need. Your provider will advise you on the best option based on your unique situation.

Maintaining New Teeth

Nice, you get your new teeth; now you have a significant role in maintaining the smile. It would help if you treated your artificial teeth like your natural teeth and cleaned and cared for them like never before. Remember that the treatment costs you; it is worth maintaining your results to enjoy maximum benefits. Caring for dental implants is straightforward as you only need to improve your daily oral care routine. Maintaining regular visits to the dentist for monitoring will also be necessary to ensure everything turns out right.

The Innovative Dental Ideas specialists can guide you if you are thinking about dental implants. Book a consultation appointment via a call or use the online platform to understand how you can gain from the treatment and what you can expect.

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