Contemplating A Nerve Block? – Here’s What You Need to Know

Whether caused by an ankle sprain, sore throat, surgical treatment, or another ailment, pain is sometimes a part of life. However, it is often transitory. As you recover, the discomfort will diminish. Unfortunately, this is not always the case! Occasionally, pain could become chronic and continue for months or even years. Once pain is a constant part of your daily life, it could substantially impact your physical, mental, and social health. Fortunately, at Healthcare Pain Centers LLC, there are numerous interventional therapies available, including nerve blocks that can offer chronic pain relief and restore your life quality. If your pain is resistant to other therapeutic techniques, maybe it is time to consider nerve blocks Freehold. Meanwhile, check out this post to learn more about nerve block injections. 

What Exactly Is A Nerve Block?

Noninvasive nerve blocks, like the ones at Healthcare Pain Centers LLC, entail the injection of a drug around a single nerve or group of nerves. The injectable substance contains an anesthetic that inhibits pain signals from reaching the brain from the targeted area. Based on the location and nature of your discomfort, the injection could also contain an anti-inflammatory medicine (steroid) to alleviate inflammation and swelling in the targeted area.

What Problems May A Nerve Block Effectively Treat?

A nerve block injection helps with chronic pain triggered by various conditions, including:

  • Headaches
  • Disc herniation, spinal stenosis (spinal canal constriction), and other diseases could cause back discomfort
  • Complex regional pain syndrome, which might induce persistent throbbing or searing agony in the afflicted area

A nerve block does not inevitably ‘cure’ the underlying condition. Nonetheless, it could give months of pain alleviation, which is useful in and of itself. Besides, nerve blocks frequently allow you to go through rehabilitation, including guided physical therapy and other restorative therapies that you might have difficulties engaging without the nerve block’s pain management.

Do You Require An Assessment First?

Undoubtedly, pain is among the body’s most reliable markers that something is amiss. Nevertheless, Dr. Francisco del Valle does not propose a nerve block unless you have completed a thorough examination and any required diagnostic tests to discover the inherent concern.

Additionally, the pain might shift or appear to start in an unrelated place. For example, symptoms of shooting or searing pain in your thigh and buttocks might resemble a leg or hip problem. However, this discomfort is frequently caused by sciatic nerve root compression in the lower back. A comprehensive assessment helps your doctor to establish such cases; hence, a nerve block could only be a single component of your broader pain management plan. 

What May You Anticipate With Nerve Block Injections?

At Healthcare Pain Centers LLC, Dr. Francisco del Valle will extensively explain your procedure before your scheduled treatment day. Nevertheless, a nerve block is a straightforward process that often takes less than an hour.

Before administering the drug, your specialist will place you in a comfortable position. Then, your physician cleans and numbs the intended injection location, inserts the needle, and uses specialist X-ray imaging to guarantee the injection hits the correct treatment zone.

After the procedure, you might suffer little discomfort at the injection site, but it normally subsides rapidly. While Dr. Francisco del Valle may encourage you to rest for a little period to allow the drug to take effect, there is no need for extended ‘recovery’ after the injection.

Do not allow pain to take a toll on your everyday life, while there are simple solutions that could provide relief. Nerve blocks are one of the numerous high-quality therapies Dr. Francisco del Valle and the expert staff at Healthcare Pain Centers LLC provide. Call the office near you or book an appointment online to determine if you are the right candidate for a nerve block.

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