Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Infected teeth are likely to decay and cause pain and gum disease. Midtown board certified endodontist treats infected teeth with root canal therapy, which involves drilling out the pulp and replacing it with a crown or filling, depending on the severity of the infection.

Root canal treatment can help you avoid tooth pain, infection, and damage. Other benefits include the following:

It prevents tooth discoloration

When a dentist performs an extraction because of infection or decay, the remaining tooth will be darker than its surrounding teeth due to the buildup of minerals removed during the procedure. That can cause discoloration on the white enamel surrounding your mouth’s nerve and pulp area. However, root canal treatment can prevent this discoloration since there are no dead or dying tissues inside your mouth after removing all nerve infections.

Boosts teeth aesthetics

A root canal treatment can help your teeth look their best. As a result of the treatment, the tooth’s surface becomes smooth, and the inner structures are preserved. With time, your tooth will acquire its natural, healthy appearance.

Preserves enamel

Enamel is the hardest substance in the body and plays a vital role in protecting against cavities. During tooth decay, bacteria produce acids that dissolve enamel at its base. When this happens, it can feel like having a hole in your tooth that is not healing correctly, leaving you vulnerable to more damage.

By preserving this layer of hard tissue, root canal therapy preserves healthy teeth even after filling them with dental amalgam or metal-free resin composite fillings. That means you can keep enjoying your smile for many years.

Reduces sensitivity

Root canal treatment reduces sensitivity because it improves blood flow in the area where the nerve has been affected by decay or trauma. Regular chewing gum after root canal treatment helps ease discomfort felt due to sensitivity in these areas.

It saves your tooth from extraction

The extraction of a tooth can cause pain, damage surrounding teeth, and even lead to bleeding. This procedure is also costly, so this treatment option is not always available for patients who need it.

Improved Health

After root canal treatment, you will get better dental health than before. Your body will eliminate harmful bacteria in your mouth and replace them with good ones, preventing tooth decay and other infections. It also prevents gum disease, periodontal disease, tooth loss, and other adverse effects on your overall health.

Increased confidence

There is no doubt about it; with good dental health, you will also have more confidence in yourself and life. You can smile freely without worrying about having bad breath or cavities.

Taking care of an infected tooth can be tricky and requires the expertise of a qualified dentist. You must contact your dentist promptly if you have an infected tooth or notice any pain in your teeth or jaw. This is the longer a tooth is infected, the harder it will be to repair. Contact Charles M. Marks, DDS & Dental Associates, and book an appointment with a dentist to discover more about root canal treatments and their benefits.

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