Are You a Good Candidate for A Brow Lift?

With aging comes skin laxity. Whereas the degree of aging varies, skin laxity could eventually lead to drooping, which is unappealing. These effects could impact the entire face, from the jowls to your eyelids. For some, a sagging forehead and eyebrows may generate an unnatural look that makes you look angry, exhausted, or sad. If this describes you, you might want to pursue a brow lift. Nevertheless, simply because Scarsdale brow lift surgery delivers desirable outcomes does not imply that you should instantly have the treatment. Here is a guide for determining whether you are a good candidate for a brow lift.

Can Your Eyebrows Make You Appear Angry?

A sagging forehead or brow can significantly affect your appearance, often making you appear angry, exhausted, or older than you are. In numerous circumstances, this skin laxity stems from aging. Other factors like genetics could give some individuals a naturally strong, heavy, or low-brow line. Either way, brow lift surgery is an excellent alternative for rejuvenating and smoothing the face.

What Does A Brow Lift Accomplish?

The brow lift also referred to as a forehead lift, is a hugely beneficial aesthetic procedure that tries to elevate and tighten the brow. This procedure offers patients a lighter, smoother, and more youthful look on the upper face.

Typical problems that brow lift surgery could considerably improve or even reverse include:

  •       Drooping brow
  •       Heavy brow
  •       Frowning brow
  •       Downcast eyebrows
  •       Forehead creases
  •       Creases between the brows
  •       Covered eyes
  •       Crow’s feet

Who Is A Candidate For Brow Lift Surgery?

If you have any of the abovementioned concerns, you are eligible for brow lift surgery. However, patients should also be non-smokers, be in good health, and have realistic expectations. Furthermore, a brow lift requires enough downtime, so you should be ready to take a break from your regular schedule to allow a faster and smoother recovery.

During your first consultation at Robert M. Schwarcz, MD, your specialist will carefully assess your upper face, discuss your concerns and objectives, and thoroughly explain all of your available options. Based on your facial anatomy, the severity of issues, skin laxity, and other factors, Dr. Schwarcz will propose one of the following forms of brow lift surgery:

  •       Traditional brow lift
  •       Lateral brow lift
  •       Trichophytic brow lift
  •       Endoscopic brow lift

Typically, these procedures are the same. The only notable distinction between them is the position of the cut utilized to perform either function. Dr. Schwarcz considers other criteria, such as your risk for a receding hairline, to ensure you enjoy optimal aesthetic benefits.

How Long Do The Outcomes Of A Brow Lift Last?

Patients contemplating brow lift surgery should be aware that plastic surgery cannot completely stop the aging process and that minor changes will happen with time. Nonetheless, when performed by a highly skilled surgeon like Dr. Schwarcz, most patients may expect their brow lift results to last for years, if not decades.

If a sagging brow is troubling you, you are not alone! Join the countless men and women whose appearances have been enhanced by brow lift surgery. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Schwarcz today to learn more about the remarkable outcomes that a brow lift can help you achieve. Call the Scarsdale or Upper East Side, NY offices or use the online booking tool to get started today.

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